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Photos of one race director's events

Flags and banners

Why do some events look great and some seem to struggle?  Answer - it's the price of the race-director products.  We all want to look good so our events will grow . . . 

Simple adjustments in an event free up money to be used on improved looks, more excitement, and increased attendance at upcoming events.

Thank you Uberthons for allowing See The Finish to show your event photos.

Process to order race-director products -


  • Choose a product.

  • Email

  • Ask for the price based on your custom requirements

  • Receive the price, and ask more questions

  • Order your product, and use it to grow your event

See The Finish will send you 10 medals with ribbons to show you the quality of our medals. Nobody can beat the quality.  Just email to have your delivery made.

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