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Products to grow your events

Age-group pins

Age-group pins are given to the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners of each age group.  Usually, 14 or 15 age groups (5-year increments) are in a race.  You will make 45 runners very happy with this pints.


Your graphics and/or logo.  Words can be changed to promote your event.  People will talk!


Price is $2.50 each.

300 pins is the minimum order.  Your graphic, your words.  Shipping will be added to the proposal.


Pins have a clasp on the back.  Pins are 1-inch wide.  Gold, Silver, and Bronze color seems to be the most popular colors.

Process to order race-director products -


  • Choose a product.

  • Email

  • Ask for the price based on your custom requirements

  • Receive the price, and ask more questions

  • Order your product, and use it to grow your event

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