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Products to grow your events


As a race director, you have many events in the year.  Would you be interested in producing with several other race directors a November 5k running event in your area? The event will be part of a series of events in over 50 cities. Sponsors will be included in each event - you will participate in some of the sponsor proceeds.  The results of each chip-timed event will be part of a national leader board - so you can see who the top runners are in each city.


The event timer will be an established race timer, or timing equipment can be furnished - an easy platform with a GO button and a STOP button - so easy a race director can operate it.


Each race will include many of the See The Finish products you see on this website - flags, banners, medals, age-group pins, finish-line ribbons, tablecloths, necklaces, scarves and pull-up banners.

If you choose to time the race yourself, the timing equipment is very easy to use. The graphic shows how easy the process is.  A laptop monitor shows the results, and when you are done, simply click the Print Reports button.  





Send us a message if you have interest in being part of the 2017 National November event in your area. More information will be sent to you.

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