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Products to grow your events

Photo Silhouette Medals
Take a photo, and turn it into a medal.
Medals are hand-painted. Raised ridges separate the colors.

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Send a message.  We will return your email with instructions to send a photo.
We will design the medal using your photo, and will email it to you.  If you like the new medal, we will give you prices of several sizes.
To complete the order, an invoice will be emailed to you, and medals will be made for you.  Simple . . . 


$4.85 per medal with a purchase of 500 or more.  

Price for other quantities will vary.

Highlights -


- 3 3/8-inches wide (large round circle, outside to outside)

- your custom name at the top, and your custom event name at the bottom.

- custom neck ribbon is 1.5-inches wide

- spinner has your custom graphic on both sides


Spinner Medals

Price -


- $6.85 each for 500 - 999 medals

plus shipping in the U.S.


A complete series of spinner medals is being developed for the following events:


New Years event

St. Patrick's Day event

Mothers Day event

Fathers Day event

Independence Day event

Halloween event

Thanksgiving event

Reindeer Run event


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Series Medals

Process to order race-director products -


  • Choose a product.

  • Email

  • Ask for the price based on your custom requirements

  • Receive the price, and ask more questions

  • Order your product, and use it to grow your event

If you purchase too many medals, you may be eligible to sell back your medals to  To do this, your medal would be a featured medal on as an event.  


Contact See The Finish for details.

We recommend 3.5-inch wide, 5mm thick medals to grow your events.  A custom ribbon works well to announce sponsors.  A sponsors logo may be molded into the back of the medal.


Prices depend on the number of medals.


See The Finish will send you 10 of our best sample medals to arrive at your doorstep within a few days.


The quality cannot be beaten by any manufacturer or salesperson.

This gal is a regular participant in events that have quality medals.  Let's see, 9 events x $30 equals $270 entry fees.

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