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Products to grow your events


Finish line ribbons

$100 for an 8-feet x 1-ft. ribbon.  Shipping - $20 to most locations.

Feather flags

Prices start at $87.50 (7-feet) per flag with a minimum of four flags.  Price is for 215 cm flag including the pole.  Tear-drop or feather flag.


Price for 10 or more flags is $85 per flag (7-feet)


$2.00 per square feet with a minimum of 200 square feet.  This could be two or three banners.  Price can be reduced for larger orders.


$4.85 per medal (shown) 3.5-inches wide, 5 mm thick with a purchase of 500 or more.  

Price for other quantities will vary. Email graphic for quote.


$1,408 for 50mm legs, and $1,275 for 40mm legs including shipping for a tent with back wall, 2 side walls, and heavy-duty bag with rollers.

Table cloths

$98 each.  Two tablecloth minimum.

Mesh fencing

$1.50 per square foot plus shipping. 

Scarves & hats

$3.50 per hat, $5.25 per scarf.  500 minimum.  Or, $7.45 per set, 500 minimum.

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Pull-up banners

$90 each for two banners, and $125 for one banner.


Process to order race-director products -


  • Choose a product.

  • Email

  • Ask for the price based on your custom requirements

  • Receive the price, and ask more questions

  • Order your product, and use it to grow your event

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