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An attractive event attracts more participants


We know your hopes and dreams. You hope you can grow your events by making them look good, but you also need to afford race director products.  We understand. Traditionally, flags cost $220 each, and that is why race directors do not purchase flags! 


The race director who owns the event depicted in this photo has a secret - the secret is flags can be purchased for multiple events inexpensively. This race director owns 15 events, and has 15 sets of flags. The race director purchased one full set of flags, and then purchased only the flag material 14 times. The flag poles and bases are used over and over, but each time with a new flag.  So, instead of paying $85 for a flag, the price is about $45 for a flag.  Incidently, this race director's events are growing!

It's Winter!

To start an order, send a message


To start an order, send a message

Your event, your logo, your words. 

8x9 inches. 

Medium-density fibreboard, an engineered wood product.

Black metallic paint. 

Carved with a computer.

$49 (1 - 5)

$39 (6 - 20)


To start an order, send a message

Monthly special

Process to order race-director products -


  • Choose a product.

  • Email

  • Ask for the price based on your custom requirements

  • Receive the price, and ask more questions

  • Order your product, and use it to grow your event

To start an order, send a message

Choose the size you like best.

Send message to ask questions.

Send your custom words and photo.

Send your event - 5k, 10k, etc.

Send your quantity.

Receive your digital graphic.

Receive your price.

If you wish to proceed, receive your invoice.  Medals will be sent within 30 days.

Success! Message received.

Success! Message received.

Thanks! Message sent.

Thanks! Message sent.

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